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Welcome . This website has been specially designed to better serve you. Our goal is to create a greater online shopping experience, with a simplified powerful navigation of our catalogue.


We accept payments made by Visa, MasterCard.


We believe that your online shopping experience should be convenient, pleasant, and most of all, safe. While browsing our web store, you can rest assured that we have your security in mind, and as such we provide the highest level of secure payment processing available today. In conjunction with Beanstream and PayPal, we offer you every assurance that your credit card information will be transmitted in secure environments solely for the purpose of your transaction.

Credit card information is sent to Beanstream or PayPal servers accordingly. The information sent is parsed into a format the bank gateway understands and is sent to the bank via the internet. Once the bank receives this information, it is passed through to the banking network.Consumer credit card account is debited and an authorization is sent back to Beanstream servers. At this point a receipt is generated and sent to the consumer's web browser and an email order notification is sent to the merchant. This all takes place in less than 30 seconds.


  1. The price for each product that you order is the price that appears on the Web site.
  2. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday (holidays excluded). Your package will be shipped by Poslaju.
  3. Shipping and transport charges as well as the applicable sales taxes are in addition.
  4. We have the right to modify at any time the prices of the products shown on the Web site, without notice.
  5. All shown prices are in RM(Ringgit Malaysia).
  6. The prices of the products shown on the Web site can differ from the prices in our  boutiques.
  7. In the eventual occurrence of an error during an online purchase you will be contacted by a representative, either by phone or email, and if applicable, an adjustment can be made. For example, a product is no longer available, a taxation error occurred, etc.



  1. We does not guarantee in any case the availability of the products offered online. If we cannot deliver any of the products ordered because they are out of stock, you will be advised by e-mail or by phone. You could:We are not liable for any inconvenience and/or losses attributed to any unavailability of any and all products and/or services.
    • Request for the delivery of the products and if so, a payment will be taken on your credit card for these products when available and ready to be shipped;
    • Refuse that we deliver the products and if so, no payment will be charged on your credit card for these products.
  2. We are not liable for any inconvenience and/or losses attributed to any unavailability of any and all products and/or services.